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Vally Detailing Ltd- Offering a wide range of affordable detailing and car valeting services

We provide a wide range of services including alloy wheel protection and car light protection.

  • Mirror looking ceramic paint protection

    • Ceramic coating 1 to 7 years protection Ceramic Wheel Protection
    • Ceramic Glass Protection
    • Ceramic Trim Protection
    • Tailpipes cleaned, polished and protected
    • Tyres coated with long life dressing
  • Detailing

    • 1 stage of polish
    • 2 stage of polish
    • 3 stage of polish
    • Eliminate scratches
    • Stone chips will also be repaired and paint touched up where necessary
    • Heavy Correction detail, we are chasing paint perfection
    • 3 stage paint correction process with added time and techniques including wet sanding, longer compounding and polishing to remove all swirls, marring, and all scratches where safe to
  • Deep cleaning & Valeting

    • Decontamination - 2 stage decontamination process to remove tar deposits and iron fall out
    • Extensive wash using snow foam and two bucket safe wash process
    • Final deep decontamination removal using clay bar
    • Steam wash decontamination
    • Wheels cleaned, Wheel arches cleaned - 2 stage drying process using plush micro fibre towel
    • Outstanding valeting service, Showroom and deep cleaning inside
    • Process includes Steam & snow foam cleaning of interior exterior of vehicles
    • Fully removes dirt stains grease
    • Remove stains from upholstery
    • Vaccum injection extraction machine & steam vaccum cleaning
    • Wheel sealant applied to alloys
    • Glass sealant applied to protect glass - Plastic and trims sealed
    • Tyre dressing applied
    • Interior vacummed, mats removed and cleaned, plastics cleaned
    • Leather seats cleaned and protected - Engine bay STEAM COATING full protection, inside leathers carpets, roof, plastic dash

If you would like any additional information regarding any of the services listed above then please feel free to call 07958419747 or visit our contact page to get in touch with us via email.

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Vally Detailing Ltd

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